Savlight provide downlight for ground illumination or omni-directional light that is ideal for lighting pathways, delineating larger pedestrian plazas and way-finding. Our line of luminaires are designed for providing more wider area lighting and are great for increasing security, especially in places where electrical grid connections would be costly. SavLights have help hundreds of communities and organizations looking for more cost eective lighting solutions. At the same time, we’ve provided simple options to reduce their carbon footprint and make their community spaces safer and more accessible to promote public health and recreation.


  • Minimal wind loading
  • No ongoing carbon emissions
  • Aesthetic, elegant design
  • Free electricity from the sun
  • Battery bank charge controller, LED driver, communication interface all in a single removable cartridge
  • Easy to installation and safe to use
  • No need underground wiring and surface wiring required
  • Needs a simple pole
  • No costly maintenance required
  • Standardly we are using PMMA that is 100% UV resistant which prevents against yellowing over the entire life time of the lenses
  • Easy to transport , install and maintain
  • Extra Solar Panel can be add in vertical direction (on the Pole)
  • Charge and Discharge Management system, protect battery by software and hardware supporting battery over charge and over discharge


  • Pedestrian pathways
  • Park Areas
  • Car Park Areas
  • Sidewalks
  • Campuses
  • Bus stops
  • Emergency Collection Areas
  • Playgrounds
  • Plazas
  • Bikeways
  • Factory Areas

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